Knot Physics

A unification theory by Caltech alumni

A unification theory by Caltech alumni

Branched spacetime manifold

Unifying Gravity and Quantum Mechanics

A branched spacetime manifold enables a unified description of gravity and quantum mechanics.

Linked knots

Strong Force

A geometric theory of quarks results in asymptotic freedom, confinement, and gluons.

Electromagnetic field of two knots


Electroweak unification is a consequence of including knot geometry in the description of the electromagnetic field.

Theory Summary

An overview of the entire theory, from simple assumptions about the spacetime manifold through particles, quantum mechanics, and forces

Branched embedded spacetime manifold

From the blog

Physics Beyond the Event Horizon

Physics Beyond the Event Horizon

In Knot Physics, a model of quantum gravity extends our knowledge of physics beyond the event horizon.

A Model of Flow with Zero Viscosity


In Knot Physics, superfluidity results from the properties of the branched spacetime manifold.

A natural transition from quantum to classical

Schrödinger’s Cat

At the center of physics is a conundrum that has persisted since the early days of quantum mechanics.

Branched spacetime manifold


Developing a unification theory of physics outside of academia

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Quantum Mechanics

A 3-minute video on quantum mechanics, which results from a geometric model of spacetime

Video Course

Gravity and quantum mechanics in Knot Physics


Knot Physics research papers


Assumptions, advantages, and features of the theory


Caltech astrophysics PhD and math alumnus now doing independent research